LED lighting accessories


A wide range of lighting equipment can help you improve your test results or to adopt to your working conditions.

By using diffusers, lenses and polarization filters, the homogeneity of the illuminations can be raised, the light radiation can be focused, the maximum light diffusion can be achieved or reflections can be reduced and minimized.

Suitable lighting accessories, diffusers, polarization filters and fresnel lenses can be found on the product detail page of the selected illumination.

Connectivity for LUMIMAX® lighting

For proper installation of our lights, we offer suitable cables in various lengths and effective adapter cables for directly connecting LUMIMAX® lightings to intelligent cameras.

Connection cable V1

  • drag chain connection cable with a M16 12-pin plug IP67
  • available lengths: 1,0 m / 2,5 m / 5,0 m / 7,5 m / 10,0 m / 15,0 m
  • coolant and lubricant resistant

T1 adapter cable

  • enables a directly connection of LUMIMAX® LED flash lights to intelligent cameras
  • no additional wiring effort necessary
  • provides the power supply and the strobe signal via the camera cable to the light

Mounting solutions for LUMIMAX® lighting

Our mounting solutions for various lightings of the brand LUMIMAX® enable the high performance LUMIMAX® LED lights to be attached directly to the Machine Vision cameras Cognex InSight 5xxx/ 7xxx series, Simatic MV440, as well as Baumer Verisens XC-series. 

In addition, standard-compliant lighting systems can be set up for verification and reading of codes.

Mounting Solutions for Cognex InSight 5xxx/ 7xxx

Mounting Solutions for Siemens Simatic MV440

Mounting Solutions for Baumer VeriSens XC-Serie

Mounting Solutions for Mini Bar Lights of LSB series