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LED Mini Ring Light LSR24 / LED Mini Ring Flash Light LSR24FL

    Available illumination variants

  • 16 high performance Power LEDs
  • illumination colour: R, W, B, G, IR850
  • Smart, lightweight aluminium housing for a direct attachment to the lens
  • Lens adapter with filter thread for a quick mounting
  • application area: very bright and homogeneous area of interest illumination

  Overview of further sizes of our LUMIMAX® Ring Lights

Suitable accessories

  • Optical accessories Optical accessories
  • Mounting Solutions Mounting Solutions
  • CablesCables

Extension kits

Dark Field extension kit DF-LSR24
Article no.: 105.0009.01
Focus tube FA-LSR24-15°

Focus tube FA-LSR24-15°
Article no.: 105.0012.01

DOME extension kit DOM-LSR24
Article no.: 105.0016.01

Diffusing glasses

Diffuser WS-LSR24-ALD
Article no.: 114.0051.02

Diffuser WS-LSR24-ALHD
Article no.: 114.0051.29

Polariser WS-LSR24-POL
Article no.: 114.0051.06

Mounting Adapter LMA-LSR24
Article no.: 105.0004.05

Mounting Extension LMV-25
Article no.: 105.0003.01

Mounting Extension LMV-50
Article no.: 105.0003.02

Mounting Ring MR-LSR24
Article no.: 105.0007.01

Lens Adapter OA-LSR24-M25,5x0,5
Article no.: 105.0008.01
LUMIMAX Lens Adapter OA-LSR24-M27x0,5

Lens Adapter OA-LSR24-M27x0,55
Article no.: 105.0008.02

Lens Adapter OA-LSR24-M30,5x0,5
Article no.: 105.0008.03

Connecting cable M8-3pol.
in various lengths:

  • 2 m (Article no.: 115.0008.31)
  • 5 m (Article no.: 115.0008.32)
  • 10 m (Article no.: 115.0008.33)
  • 20 m (Article no.: 115.0008.34)