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High Power LED Spot Lights by LUMIMAX®

High Power LED Spots by LUMIMAX for Machine Vision Applications

LUMIMAX® LED spot lights are particularly compact, but at the same time extremely powerful and versatile. Adjustable precision optics allow adjustment of the radiation characteristic to the required working distances and image fields, enabling a focused or very homogeneous illumination of the object to be inspected. With the C-Mount connector, either integrated or available as an accessory, lenses for focusing can be used. A filter thread allows mounting of components such as polarisation filters or bandpass filters for fluorescence applications.

Despite their compact design, the LUMIMAX® LED spot lights feature an integrated lighting controller for continuous or flash mode.


    Area of application:

  • very varied use
  • very bright focused illumination

Overview of all LED Spot Lights:

Model Measurements
Light field (mm)
LED Operation mode
Illumination colours
Red IR White Blue Green UV
Available lenses (°) *
Spot3WHigh Power LED Spot Light Spot3W
D 24 1 x 3W Power  
  Radiation angles of ancillary lenses are dependent on light colours
Spot5WHigh Power LED Spot Light 5W / 5WFL
D 24 1 x 5W Power  
adjustable glass optics
Spot5WFLHigh Power LED Spot Light 5W / 5WFL
D 24 1 x 5W Power  
* 16, 23, 44 ... Radiation angles of ancillary lenses