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Cable measuring device VCPX5

For measuring cable samples with an outer diameter up to 130 mm (5.11 Inch)

The cable measuring device VCPX5 is designed for geometrical measurements for core insulations and cable sheaths.

The easy way of measurement
With its robust construction and easy application the cable measuring device VCPX5 is suitable for quick and most accurate measurements in cable production. Depending on the chosen objective, very small or very large cable samples can be measured.

A flexible device
An integrated USB-port allows quick connecting of the cable measuring device VCPX5 to external devices. Therefore the VCPX5 can be flexibly used.

Device details:

  • Object size / measuring range 0 -130 mm (larger customisations are possible)
  • Quick and very easy measurement
  • Little training required (without a customer specified database an initial operating instruction takes only 15 min)
  • Measurements according to standards IEC 60811-201, -202, -203
  • Suitable software: FMC3 (measuring software), VCPEasy and ProCable3 (CAQ system)
  • Various external CAQ software are connectable (ADVARIS; CIQ-AESA; QDA-ASI-DATAMYTE; QUASAR;etc.)
  • No user influence on default optical focus as well as default optimised, intelligent and homogeneous lighting
  • Shock and vibration resistant due to an optimised sensor arrangement and balanced weight distribution
  • Measuring device especially designed for use in production as well as in laboratories
    (quick-test; with VCPEasy: 1-button measurement)
  • Measuring software enables various operator level settings (production, laboratory, administrator, service, etc.)
  • Standardised individual components lead to supply security and therefore a short delivery period

Technical data:

Width x Lenght x Height: 560 x 600 x 910 mm /
22 x 23.6 x 35.8 In.
Weight: 65 kg / 143.3 lbs
Resolution object field: 2 mm width = 2 μm/Pixel up to 130 mm width = 20 μm/Pixel
0.08 In. width = 0.000079 In./Pixel up to 5.11 In. width = 0.00079 In./Pixel
Lighting: LED
Camera: 1-3 Cameras, high resolution

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