The LUMIMAX ® BASIC series are predestined for the use in diverse Machine Vision applications. The focus on essential functions as well as the waiver of interchangeable options and extensive accessories enable optimised acquisition costs with consistently high quality and reliability.
The Ring Lights of the BR series can be used for the uniform illumination of flat, matte and reflective surfaces in reflected light applications. All four lighting sizes can be assembled to form a large illuminated area without significant mechanical delimitations.
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Ring Lights of the BR series

Ring Lights of the BR series
  • Compact LED Ring Lights
  • Directed lighting with 30° LED beam angle for reflected light applications
  • All sizes can be assembled to form a wide light field ring
Principle – BASIC Ring Lights
  • Reflected light (partial bright field)
  • A camera-mounted ring light is used to produce the light beam onto the test object
  • Area of application: assembly, type and position detection, printed material inspection, OCR/OCV


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